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New Store Opens-16 Bridge Street, New Hope, Pa

A dream come true is the best way I could describe our new store. But you might be asking yourself…”Who Is Deborah Stilettos?”

Who is Deborah Stilettos?  She’s a confident woman who loves her children, loves life, and loves a great pair of high heels.  She is sometimes too serious, too excited about a sale and too worried about whether or not to order dessert.  She is a woman who has traveled the path of her life only to find herself at midpoint with some amazing adventures in front of her.  She is also a woman who still feels 21 but the mirror keeps appearing distorted.  Most of all, she is a woman who knows what she likes, wants to be the best she can possibly be inside and out and is willing to step out into life, no matter what life has dealt her, and make a change.  Deborah Stiletto lives in all of us.  Welcome to the challenge.

 It was easy being fabulous at 21!!  A tee shirt, jeans and a cute pair of sandals always looks good on a size 2, a ponytail and fresh face.  Then something remarkable happens.  Life!!!  A few kids, a few years, a few wrinkles, and suddenly we panic.  Ok…I panicked.  My kids were suddenly adults and I was suddenly divorced.  Then something amazing happened.  I was Deborah…not just someone’s mother or wife but me and I was more fabulous than I thought- maybe not to everyone around me but to me and what a better judge?  I remembered suddenly that I liked to dress up, wear dresses and strut around in fabulous heels.  A pocketbook was no longer a diaper bag and accessorizing no longer meant a key chain of grocery store discount tags.  This wasn’t middle age.  This was the start of something fabulous…this was the start of me being in touch with my inner Deborah Stilettos.  That is why I started this site and the store.  DeborahStilettos.com and our location at 16 Bridge Street New Hope, Pa. is a place where women can come and laugh about things we all worry about, get great advice, and relearn what really makes us tick when we get dressed in the morning or when we have that important night on the town.  It’s a judgment free zone.  So why not become a part of this amazing shoe sorority.  The only requirement is being obsessed with heels.

One response

  1. Deb,

    LOVE that you’ve got a blog. I’m putting your site on my blog roll to keep up with your posts. Looking forward to what you have to say. And can’t wait to come into your wonderful store again. I really love my earrings…I want another pair!

    Much success and love to ya, girl,

    September 12, 2011 at 2:50 PM

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