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It was tough weekend!! Almost impossible to believe we have traveled down the road 10 years since a horribly tragic day, 9/11, changed all of us.  The reminder of how many lost their precious lives pales everything I could possibly say after the end of the period.  However, we are Americans and the beautifully appointed waterfalls designed and built on the footprint of our lost towers shows all those watching that we will not be stopped.  We will go on with heavy hearts but stronger from the lesson and more determined to show the world what Americans are made. 

Unfortunately, I know this to be true.  Almost a year prior to the darkest day of America, my family experienced our own tragic loss.  My mother-in-law was brutally murdered.  And, we answered back…Heeling, Inc. was born.  A portion of our sales go to support the fight against domestic violence.

 Well tomorrow will be the start of the new work week and there is so much to be excited about.   One of our stilettos, we fondly call-Crazy Heel, has been flying off the shelves.  Since we never reorder any of the same shoe twice, we were able to find different shoes with the same adorable heel.   They are due for arrival tomorrow!!!

 The white and black are still available in limited sizes but the leopard are coming in tomorrow along with solid grays adorned with  little gray bows.  If you are looking for something that stands out in a crowd these are screaming to go home with you.

If you haven’t run out the door yet to get to the store-16 Bridge Street, New Hope, Pa, wait until you hear this……..

Deborah Stilettos is collaborating with Steel Magnolias (www.SteelMagnoliShop.com) in the fabulous Peddler’s Village.  Not since chocolate collided with peanut butter has a union been so exciting.  By week’s end our stilettos will be available at the finest fashion store of Lahaska for your viewing pleasure. Our store will have some of the hottest fashion pieces that Steel Magnolia has to offer for those who like to build their outfits from the bottom up.  Just another way for us to allow our customers to enjoy a true shopping experience.  Ciou  Bellas!


One response

  1. Deb,

    Had no idea about your mother-in-law. My heart goes out to you and your family. But as true warriors and survivors of tragedy, you’ve moved forward and out of something ugly and horrific, you made something beautiful. Since we were created in the image of God, I guess it’s within us to do something like that, yes?

    God’s blessings on you and yours, ALWAYS, my dear.

    September 12, 2011 at 2:53 PM

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