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What Do You Call These Stilettos? Attitude With A Bling!

It was an amazing day in New Hope. The store was busy with people enjoying a little shopping on a lovely fall day.  Then shortly before the day came to a close…Annie walked in with her family.  After getting a strong recommendation from a fellow shopper, Annie came to check us out.  Almost like a divine calling…Annie was drawn to one of most fabulous pairs of shoes in our store.  Just when I thought they couldn’t look any better, they almost came alive when they graced her feet. Her husband loved them and he was so wonderful in that he wanted to treat his bride to a gift.  Annie is no stranger to heels…a self described shoe affectionado she is also the director of the prestigious John Casablanca Modeling Agency. Turning young girls into successful models is what she does and does well so I can’t tell you how excited I was when she suggested we use the models for our front window for next weekend.  What really made the day magical was seeing someone as excited about these beautiful shoes as I am.

3 responses

  1. Wow, what a great story, this is WONDERFUL, Deb!!

    September 20, 2011 at 12:21 AM

  2. selma Vila-Flor

    AWESOME!!! OMG .. they’re beautifull!

    November 25, 2011 at 7:10 PM

    • You can purchase these shoes through our Facebook…www.Facebook.com/DeborahStilettos…look to the left and click on SHOP NOW. We have some unbelievable shoes available. if you need help, please don’t heistate to email me at innstilettos@gmail.com. Thanks for reading my blog

      November 26, 2011 at 5:24 AM

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