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When Do We Really Fall In Love With Shoes?

I got this picture sent to me from my brother yesterday.  Good thing because I needed a good pick me up.  This is my 18 month old niece who in my opinion is simply GORGEOUS!!!  After I got over all of the ooohhhss and aaahhhhsss, I couldn’t help but wonder when it is when we really fall in love with shoes.  For me, it was definitely when I was a little girl.  My mom was a fashionista of sorts and like most young girls I wanted to be just like her.  Heels always made me feel taller, glamorous, sexy (when I got older) and well….expressive.  It was easy to take a chance and express your personality wearing a “crazy” heel or multi patterned fabric shoe. Much easier than wearing a whole outfit of it.  As I got older, I would go up and down the scale and once again my old friends would not turn their back on me.  It didn’t matter what size I was.  They slipped on never letting me down.  I think that is why women have fallen so helplessly in love with heels.  Shoes don’t judge you.  Come in and visit us and let us introduce you to a new friend…and new pair of heels.  16 Bridge Street, New Hope,PA.

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