Fabulous Shoes and Accessories

Huggrz- A Great New Way To Accessorize Your Boots

The shoes and boots this season just seem to get better and better as they arrive.  Sparkles, stilettos, and tons of faux fur make each boot a piece of work in its own right.  So why center out Huggrz?  Well…because they are nothing short of fabulous!  Have a pair of Uggs or boots in your closet collecting dust because you think you have been seen in them too many times?  Then Huggrz are perfect for you.  Slide one of our seven styles over your closet burdened boots and BOOM…you have a completely new look!  Come visit our store in New Hope, Pa to see them in Natural Rabbit, Pink Rabbit, Cream Sherpa (my FAVORITE!!!), Black Sherpa, Beaver, Mink, and Striped Mink.  Whether you like sophisticated, fun, or all out CRAZY, there is a Huggrz for you.  Like us on Facebook  -www.facebook.com/DeborahStilettos


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