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Cold Enough??? Time for Boots!

Funny…I have lived in New Jersey all my life and yet I still find myself, along with others, commenting on how cold it is getting the same time each year.  As the years progress, I find myself liking the cold less and less but of course there are some delightful things that come with the cold weather…roaring fireplaces, leggings in delightful colors, cashmere sweaters and of course our beloved boots.  There is something show stopping and sexy about a tall pair of boots wrapped around our legs.  Of course by now you have  already figured out that I am a complete high heel/stiletto aficionado and I am drawn to a pair of high-heeled boots paired with a skirt and sweater like a moth to a flame but I must admit that we have added some lower heel and even flat boots to our store line and they are nothing short of adorable.  Rain boots have gone from the frumpy goloshes to complete fashion statements.  Winter boots have gone from necessity items to fashion statements.  We have even figured out how to take one pair of boots that we have in our closet and add a boot wrap to make it look completely different.  So winter does bring some true delights.  Please come visit us at Deborah Stilettos at 16 W Bridge Street in New Hope, Pa.  Mention this blog and receive 20% off your next purchase of boots.  We want everyone to be happy this winter season.  “Like” us on Facebook and receive $5 off a pair of Huggrz boot wraps.  www.Facebook.com/DeborahStilettos

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