Fabulous Shoes and Accessories

Economic Times and High Heels

While we all wait for the economy to turn around, it is not unusual to feel a little downtrodden.  Just a few years ago it seemed like we were all spending like there was no tomorrow.  Myself included.  However, if we dig a little deeper, there is something really positive that has come from this whole experience.  The art of shopping smarter and better!!  We have all had to reconsider our buying habits.  The good thing is great style does not always have to come with a hefty price tag.  It is something we believe strongly at our store-Deborah Stilettos.  When we were in the planning stages, I wanted to create a boutique feel to our store that gave all the glamour of the higher end retailers but offer our guests fabulous shoes at even better prices.  Many of our shoes are $59.00!!  Out of the 77 styles we currently have on display we only have two shoes that exceed $100.00 and that includes our boot selection.  So while times may be temporarily tough, it is still important to venture out in the world every day looking our best.  Plus who doesn’t feel great after buying a new pair of heels?  Now you can feel even better by not paying a fortune for them.   This has been a wonderful heel for us.  The ever popular animal print complimented by the unusual style of the heel makes this a “WOWER!”  What makes it even more exciting is that is comes in different prints and colors and it’s only $59!!!  Come visit us at 16 W Bridge Street, New Hope, Pa- and PLEASE “like” us on our facebook page at www.Facebook.com/DeborahStilettos.  Kisses Bellas!

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