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Finding Happiness If It Can’t Find You

What does it really take to make any of us happy?  A new car…the perfect luxurious house, a brand new pair of delicious high heels (I hope so)?  Sure.  All of these things can send us a flurry with feelings of bliss but for those of us who have traveled half way through our lives we probably also know that this materialistic buzz is usually short lived.  Often a shift in our personal life or spiritual alignment causes us to be more aware of what truly causes us joy.  I have found for me that at this point in my life it is truly the little things that light me up.  Watching my children make good decisions, helping another human being, having a loving hand hold mine are just some of those moments that makes my heart beat a little faster.  But sometimes we have to dig deeper.  It has taken me almost all of my life to realize that some of the decisions I have made have not made me happy.  I controlled too much, paid attention to too little and stayed too long.  And while I believed I was doing the best for those around me, I wasn’t because I had no happiness…no inner glow.  I just kept waiting for it to happen and it never seemed to get to me.  My holding on cost me time with my family, peace of mind and part of my heart.  But living like this was not what was intended for me.  Happiness was staring me right in the face.  When I opened my eyes, I saw it.  While there was so much I lost in the past few years, I had gained so much more.  There were people who magically appeared in my life to deliver me hope and love.  My children were really amazing young adults with big hearts and warm smiles.  And…when I finally put down my wall, I saw that God had given me a love inside to give away.  Finally, it was ok to say I have done all I can and move forward to find my own peace and happiness.  It was then I was really able to be all I could be….a happy loving woman and mother.


Kisses Bellas.

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