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Why Do I Care If You Dye Your Hair?

What is wrong with us women?  We are such an amazing force to be reckoned with and yet we are always pitting ourselves against each other.  How many of us have been invited to an evening out with other couples only to spend hours before ripping apart our closets looking for the perfect outfit…you know…the one that makes our size 8 bodies look like we are a size 4….not to be admired by our husbands/boyfriends or the other men attending but to avoid the chopping block of the other women attending the dinner.  Then there are the “once overs”.  The casual inspections we do when we first come into contact with another woman.  Some might think we are judging and in some cases we are but I have to admit…there have been many times I have found myself wondering where my friend found those fabulous pair of vintage heels or thought “hey that looks amazing together.”  It’s almost like we can’t help ourselves.

For those of us who have experienced the roaming husband, the other woman has the amazing ability of becoming the complete focus of our attention and distain.  Why does she die her hair that color?  Her pants are too tight.  She’s an airhead.  She’s too young.  She’s too old.  It’s as though suddenly our husbands are not even a part of the equations.  It is her against me.

I have found myself too often surrounded by a women of my own age bracket judging a girl half our age with the highly intellectual question “how many kids did she have?”  I too had an amazing body at that age but I wonder if the dessert we are eating during the discussion might be a part of the reason we are not where we want to be.

We are a funny bunch us women.  We can be arch enemies but let someone cross one of us and we become the strongest union ever formed.  I just wonder how much further we would be in the scheme of things if we dressed for ourselves, lent a hand to our friend who is mismatched, guided a young woman in some of her decisions, reminded a wandering woman that the title of “husband” means they are off the market even he doesn’t remember that concept, and laughter is the best way to get through what life often dishes us.

We are strong, smart, sentimental, caring, emotional beings…2012 would be better spent on self awareness, breast cancer research, erradicating domestic violence.

Remember:  One Woman Can Change Anything. Many Women Can Change Everything.

Kisses bellas!!

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