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Trusting…Hurt…Now What?

Of all the topics I have ever written on, trust is the hardest for me.  It invokes a feeling I keep tucked very deep inside of my soul.  A place I created mostly because of mistrust.  Disappointment, hurt, and sorrow prevented me from loving and caring again for someone for a long time and while that can be an effective approach to not getting burned again…how lonely a life!  Trust is giving your heart to another and asking that they take care of it.  That they will love you the very best that they can…but we are human and sometimes we make mistakes.

And then, trust has been so much more to me…it has been my banking on someone else’s integrity, relying on their word, and most importantly having the hope that they cared as much about my feelings as I did theirs.  In other words, it is relinquishing all control and putting something of importance into someone else’s hands. Not an easy task!  I went even as far as to consider the thought of not trusting at all and while trust is a sensitive subject matter for me the thought of mistrust made me feel uncomfortable.  Why?

I think we are all put here for some reason. For some, it is to navigate travels around the world while for others it is to raise their children.  There are doctors here to cure, scientists to discover, pastors to preach, professors to teach, advocates to assist and a neighbor to help someone in his community.  The beautiful thing is to be here for a reason is to be here with trust…trust in yourself,  trust in the universe to help you make the right decisions and for me, trust in God to show me the way.

A life without trust is not a life.  We are all here for a reason and sometimes we just have to trust our hearts to know that we are much stronger than to fall to pieces because someone has stumbled and broken a trust.  We have to believe that we are given this beautiful gift of trust because when you find it in someone all the past hurts seem to heal.


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