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Can Looking Over Your Shoulder Make You Crash Into Tomorrow?

Sometimes you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  Does looking at our past make us not look ahead? Or is it dangerous not to be reflective as not to make the same mistakes again?  Maybe it’s a little bit of both.  As I approach the mid-point of my life I do find myself more reflective than I have ever been.  I seem to have fewer answers and more questions with each year that passes.  And on many counts, I find myself revisiting places, events and people who have remained as nothing more than my memory.  Thinking back to when my kids were young or a special trip we took can bring untold joy.  That’s probably why we take so many pictures of our children as never to lose the moment and to have them to reflect back on.  I have had moments where I have been able to laugh with my college friends about crazy things we did and the fun we had.  And, who hasn’t listen to a song that has brought them back to an old love in a flash of a moment?

So why would some be hell-bent on focusing on the future.  Ahead is where we are going, it is mistake free, untraveled territory and in many ways easier to accept because the future does not hold regret, sorrow, or misgivings.  The future holds hope, excitement and the unknown.  The days to come are who we can be and who we can be with as opposed to who we were and who we chose to have in our lives.The past can be a valuable tool to learn not only who we are but help get us where we want to go.  I believe that each of us carries a piece of our past with us.  It’s why we love when our mom makes that special Sunday dinner that is reflective of when we were young or the sound of the ocean that can remind you of your first love.

They say history repeats itself and I wonder if that is because we so long for what we know.  Maybe staying in a relationship that is lackluster is easier than challenging yourself to find new love.  Maybe being stuck in the job you hate is easier than taking the plunge to finding a new career.  Or, maybe someone you loved very much is no longer here and it is the only way you can visit them.

Writing this blog has made me consider both the past and the future.  It dawned on me that visiting the past and dreaming of the future is not the problem.  It’s when we chose to live there.  And while it may sound very cliche…we really only have right now.  So I challenge myself and to all my bellas out there…what are you doing today that will give you something worth looking back?  And, how are you preparing today to be the best you for tomorrow?

Kisses Bellas!!



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