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Heels of Justice

Being a shoe designer is like in-house therapy.  Depending on my mood, my shoe creations might be edgy, feminine, classy…. Most of my creations are unconventional and were inspired by life events.  My latest high heel/stiletto is called “Justice.”  This stunning four-inch heels began as a nude Mary Jane stiletto. It was classic and feminine and the nude coloring was certainly neutral and elegant.  My daughter is an avid shooter and one day after a few rounds she came home with the brass shells.  They were tiny and unusual-almost having an antique feel to them as they had been traveled through the barrel of a gun.  I asked her to collect them for me next time she went because I had an idea for a shoe.

Not long after, I had a bag of brass shells sitting on my desk.  Delighted to see them, I began immediately to create a high heel that would make a statement.  With embellishing glue, I attached the shells close to the bottom of the shoe and right above where the platform started.  This shoe was getting more and more exciting with each add-on.  Soon the first stiletto was completed and I started with the next.  The drying time was a few hours and I was really pleased on what had been created thus far. Yet bullet shells alone did not make the statement.  I played around with adding more shells and soon I started gluing them down the stiletto heel.  Each shell casing protruded outward giving the shoe a very unique look not to mention making the shoe looked tough…how I felt about the “justice” system and domestic violence.

The shoe is will be available on our website DeborahStilettos.com, our Facebook pages www.Facebook.com/DeborahStilettos and www.Facebook.com/HeelingInc.  A portion of the proceeds of this shoe, now available for $69.00, will go to assisting families coping with domestic violence.  So buy these shoes and lend your support to a worthy cause…you will be sure to be a show stopper with them on.  Ciou Bellas,  Deborah Stilettos, www.DeborahStilettos.com